Guide to Glassware

Most cannabis users have dabbled with different types of glass pieces. You may heavily prefer one option over another, or perhaps you’ve never owned a pipe of your own and are interested in kick-starting your collection.

Look no further – there’s a medley of ways to enjoy your cannabis via glass, entirely up to your personal preference. 

Often, our patients choose glass as it is a cleaner option for cannabis consumption, with no odors or flavors to get in the way of your smoke. Glass is useful for smoking flower as well as concentrates, and they come in all kinds of varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors. Maine is full of artists, and as such, you’ll find lots of quality, one-of-a-kind glass pieces throughout the state. 

You can find a number of these kinds of intricate craft pieces on our website, available for shipment directly to you! We feature custom glass from Justin Barr, Beak, Diet Glass, Venture Glass, Skrillinger, Sable Haze, Kaja Glass, Pubz, and Stone Tech.

Some of the more popular glass pipe options include: 


One of the most recognizable and widely-used glass options is the spoon — also known as a bowl, spoons are a simple, straightforward way to enjoy product. One end of the piece has a bowl-shaped space to pack your flower, also containing a hole for smoke to enter through. The other end contains another space for the smoke to travel out of for inhalation, as well as a distinct mouthpiece for the user to smoke out of. Also on the side of the pipe is a small hole, known as a “carb.” The user can control the airflow within the pipe by covering and uncovering this carb with their finger. Spoon pipes are a highly popular option for all kinds of users. 


Think of a bong as one, long cylindrical tube that is rounded off at the base, with an intersecting downstem which serves to hold a removable bowl, commonly referred to as a slide. First, the bong is partially filled with water, colder the better – this helps filter out any impurities, cools the smoke, and allows for larger, smoother hits. Product is then packed in the bowl of the slide and placed in the downstem. While lighting the bowl, inhalation from the open end of the tube draws smoke through the water reservoir. The consumer then removes the slide from the stem, allowing air to travel through the stem, intermingling with the smoke in its chamber and traveling back up the tube for the user to enjoy. 


Dab Rigs are a popular option for users looking for medication at the highest doses — they operate similarly to a bong, but are specifically designed for consuming ultra-potent concentrates. To take a dab, you will need the rig itself, a nail/banger (a specific type of bowl for the concentrate,) a torch to heat the banger to your ideal temperature, a dab tool to scoop your concentrate into the heated banger, and a carb cap, used to cover the banger to help contain heat and vaporize the product evenly. As the banger is heated and the concentrate is vaporized, the smoke is filtered through the water of the rig, but with an added potency you wouldn’t be able to get from flower alone. Instead of removing the banger, as you do with the slide of a bong, the carb cap is used to control the airflow for the user. Be sure to check out our custom Green Truck bangers available in several different sizes. 


Bubblers are a versatile option for users looking for portable glass that can offer the type of hits one would get from using a bong. They are like bongs in that they include a water chamber for cooling and cleaning the smoke, but with the added convenience and size of a spoon pipe. Instead of using a slide to control the air flow, bubblers feature a carb similar to spoon pipes. Bubblers are intended to function as a water pipe, but they can also be used as a dry pipe as a worst-case scenario if water is not readily available. 


Chillums, also known as one-hitters, are exactly what they sound like — small cylinders of glass that are meant to be packed and smoked for a singular hit. The smoker packs the end of the glass with their flower and lights it. These compact glass options are ideal for discreet smoking and portability. Like other glass, they come in a wide variety of different sizes and colors. Chillums are best for users who are looking for a quick smoke on-the-go without much hassle.