Rooted In Maine’s Legacy

Our Story Begins

Rooted in Maine’s rich soil and even richer legacy, Green Truck has grown alongside Maine’s trailblazing path through cannabis reform. From decriminalizing cannabis in 1976 to pioneering medical marijuana in 1999, our journey began in 2008 at the cusp of Maine’s cannabis awakening. This was an era that tested the grit and green thumbs of small growers due to the state’s rigorous yet restricted caregiving system that followed in 2009.

Maine’s Green Milestones

Just as Maine was at the vanguard of cannabis legislation, Green Truck navigated the shifting tides from medical to recreational use. Each legal milestone from 1999’s medical marijuana sanction to the 2016 embrace of recreational use, paralleled our growth. These pivotal moments in legislation demanded innovation and a pioneering spirit—qualities inherent to the Green Truck ethos. We stood as a community-centric business, undeterred by the strict regulations that often favored larger dispensaries over smaller growers.

New England’s Cannabis Canvas

As Maine set precedents, we too broadened our horizons, learning from the rich tapestry of New England’s cannabis canvas. We observed and adapted, noting Vermont’s craft-centric ethos, Massachusetts’ burgeoning retail landscapes, and Rhode Island’s legalization efforts. Our expansion reflects this patchwork of progress and diversity, embodying quality, community, and pioneering spirit.

Seeding the Future

Today, Green Truck is not just riding the wave of New England’s cannabis story; we’re actively shaping it. Our foundation in Maine’s historical context has empowered us to spearhead innovation, sustainability, and community connection. In an industry where change is the only constant, our commitment to cannabis transcends cultivation—we’re cultivating a legacy.

Reflecting on Legal Landscapes

Our resilience and adaptability are mirrored in Maine’s legal transformations. As we’ve grown from our early days to setting the industry benchmark, Maine too has refined its cannabis policies. This symbiotic evolution speaks to our shared dedication to advocacy, responsible consumption, and the undeniable impact of cannabis on society.

In this ever-changing industry, Green Truck remains steadfast in delivering quality, forging community connections, and extolling the virtues of cannabis. Join us as we continue to make history, devoted as ever to the plant, the people, and our enduring passion.