Drippy Honey Recycler

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Drippy Honey Recycler


This exquisite piece by Beak Glass, designed for smoking concentrates, is a stunning example of functional glass art. Crafted with a translucent golden hue, the rig is adorned with a myriad of glass droplets that create an effect reminiscent of honeycomb dripping with nectar. The central feature of this piece is a beautifully worked, honey-textured sphere that seems to glow with an inner warmth, evoking the essence of a rich, golden honey drop.

The organic, flowing form of the rig mimics the natural accumulation of honey, with each glass bubble skillfully placed to enhance the overall aesthetic while ensuring stability and ease of handling. The matching cap, also displaying the honeycomb motif, complements the rig perfectly, completing the theme.

Designed for connoisseurs of concentrates, the rig’s intricate details are not only visually appealing but also functionally superior. It promises a pure and potent flavor experience, with smooth delivery that heightens the essence of the concentrates used.

This Beak Glass creation is more than a tool for indulgence; it’s a centerpiece that embodies the beauty of nature and the artistry of glassmaking. It is an exceptional piece that captures the imagination and elevates the ritual of concentrate consumption to an art form.

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