It’s Time for NECANN!

We’re big fans of the New England Cannabis Convention – well-established as the biggest Hemp and Cannabis Convention in the Northeast, NECANN is a major event for cannabis fans, cultivators, industry leaders, and beyond. 

On September 24 – 25, NECANN will be gracing us with their presence at the Portland Sports Complex for the seventh year in a row. 

While dozens of your favorite Maine vendors will make an appearance, Green Truck, in particular, will be attending for the second year in a row, and we plan on pulling out all the stops. 

We will have prizes, giveaways, merch, photo ops, and a very special guest appearance by the Green Truck itself. 

We can’t wait for everyone to see what other surprises we have in store!  

What can attendees expect at NECANN? 

Some of Maine’s biggest cannabis facilities will be on-site, ready and eager to speak with all types of members of Maine’s cannabis community. 

Merchandise and refreshments will be available for sale, and displays of the state’s finest flower will be available for viewing (though no cannabis purchases are allowed, given the event guidelines.) 

Giveaways are especially popular among vendors, with plenty of games, raffles, and opportunities to snag some swag. Don’t be afraid to stop and chat with those running the booths – we’re excited to tell you all about what we’ve all been working on! 

For those who are interested in the development of cannabis as a business, we would certainly encourage everyone to attend and keep an eye on the Programming Schedule in the NECANN exhibit hall. There will be an abundance of seminars on the industry, ranging from cannabis cultivation tactics and tips to the best uses of e-commerce in the cannabis world. 

Green Truck is also immensely proud to be participating in the NECANN CUP, a blind cannabis competition judged by a jury of our peers in the industry. We’ve entered our best flower and concentrates, and we’re thrilled to be competing with so many major players within the state. 

Tickets to The New England Cannabis Convention in Portland are available on their website, for the course of the entire weekend. We hope to see you there!