Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press

Green Truck had a shiny new addition to the team recently…please join us in welcoming our brand new Hashatron solventless wash machine into our lab! You’ve tried and you love Green Truck concentrates, and we are so excited to finally have the opportunity to provide a solventless option for our patients to enjoy. 

If you’re new to cannabis, let us fill you in on the world of solventless. If you’re an experienced dabber and you know just how you like your concentrates, check out more on our solventless process and enjoy a peek into Green Truck’s lab, where dozens of high-quality concentrates are made each week. 

What is Solventless? 

Extraction of your typical cannabis products involve solvents such as butane or propane in the process, such as in your standard resin, badder or sugar that you’d find on the shelves of many dispensaries. These solvents are purged out of the product before they are sold, but this can sometimes alter the cannabinoid or terpene profile of the concentrate.

Solventless products can be derived from dry, cured material but your best results come from whole-plant, fresh frozen material which is carefully frozen immediately after harvest to help preserve the terpenes. Often referred to as Ice-water hash, the material is “washed” using extremely cold water and agitation, eliminating the need for hydrocarbon solvents. The ice-water and agitation will knock the trichome heads off the material, and then the water and hash mixture is finely filtered and freeze-dried to remove excess water. Following this process, heated plates are used to press the bubble hash through fine-mesh bags onto parchment paper. The heat and high pressure will extract the resins from the trichome heads — and there you have it,  clean, full-spectrum, flavorful rosin without the need for any solvent. 

Why Solventless? 

Cannabis users are growing increasingly concerned with what is in what they are smoking — many of our patients expressed a desire for a more natural and flavorful option without the risk of consuming any contaminants, even in trace amounts. Simply put, consumers want the best tasting, most effective, and cleanest option available. 

Solventless hash-rosin has several medicinal benefits and properties, such as pain reduction and anti-inflammatory properties, and allows for a medley of application methods. There’s the standard; a torch, a dab rig, and your concentrate heated to your temperature of choice and smoked as-is. Some choose to vape it, while others pepper it into their joints for added benefit and flavor. Others prefer to add rosin into their edibles for clean and full-spectrum effects. Solventless material is also beneficial as a topical for discomfort, aches and pains. 

Enjoy a few photos from our lab featuring our Hash Rosin press and some of our solventless products: