Edibles vs. Smoking

Exploring Cannabis Consumption Methods

Cannabis consumption has evolved beyond the traditional joint, with edibles emerging as a
popular alternative. With so many new ways to consume let’s delve into the nuances of both
edibles and smoking, helping you navigate the diverse landscape of cannabis consumption.

The Art of Smoking

Smoking cannabis offers a rapid onset of effects, making it a preferred choice for those seeking
immediate relief. This can be helpful in instances of anxiety or PTSD triggers. The ability to
customize dosage with each inhale allows users to alternative and adjust their experience.
Vapes tend to be preferred to help with anxiety and pain for quick immediate relief as they are
so discrete and easily used. Taste of the strains matters as well. Smoking offers a distinct taste
that some enthusiasts appreciate. The terpenes that make these flavors such as fruity, peppery,
or earthy, also add to the effects. The most popular terpenes such as linalool (lavender),
caryophyllene (pepper), and limonene (lemon) contribute to pain relief, sleep support, and
mental stimulation.

Edibles Unveiled

Edibles take longer to kick in, but the effects are often more sustained, providing a gradual and
mellow experience. Although through the digestive tract edible can lose anywhere from
4%-12% of the material they still provide long lasting beneficial effects. Achieving the right dose
can be trickier with edibles, requiring patience and awareness of personal tolerance. Less is
more, especially when it comes to edibles, you can always take more at a later point! People
that are new to edibles I recommend 5-10 mg to start off with. I think anything 35 or higher is for
more experienced users or people with chronic insomnia and pain.
They make edibles out of different materials. Most edibles are made with distillate which has
high amounts of THC, however it doesn’t have the full cannabinoids in the material. Distillate
edibles are great for people looking for something during the day or a cerebral high. Another
material edibles are made out of is “full spectrum material”. Anything that lists that it’s made with
Rosin, RSO, or is “Full Spectrum” has the full cannabinoids in it. This means that it has not only
THC but CBD, CBG, CBN, and all of the other wonderful components that make the plant so
great! These edibles are perfect for pain relief, sleep support, and a more full body experience.

In the realm of cannabis consumption, the choice between edibles and smoking is highly
subjective. Consider your preferences and current health factors. Whether you enjoy the ritual of
smoking or savoring the flavors of edibles, the best method is the one that aligns with your
individual needs and preferences. Happy Healing!