Crafting a Masterpiece:

The Green Truck

At the core of our brand lies the Green Truck, a symbol of our roots and a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship. The transformation of this classic into a show-stopping masterpiece was the sole work of Ryan from Dyer Motorsports. His skill, dedication, and vision transcended the ordinary, turning our truck into a stunning representation of automotive artistry.

The Golden Ticket

Earning the “Golden Ticket” to the SEMA Show was a milestone for us, signifying the industry’s recognition of Ryan’s exceptional work. This accolade wasn’t merely about gaining entry to the event; it was an affirmation of the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that Ryan poured into every aspect of the Green Truck.

A Standout Among Giants

At SEMA, a global stage for automotive innovation, the Green Truck stood out as a testament to the power of individual creativity and determination. Amidst a gathering of over 2,400 exhibitors, Ryan’s solo work on the truck shone brightly, capturing the essence of automotive customization and restoration. Notably, the Green Truck achieved an extraordinary feat by placing in the Top 12 overall, a remarkable success in such a prestigious and competitive arena.

Young Guns: A Beacon of Young Talent

Competing in the highly competitive ‘Young Guns’ category at the SEMA Show was a journey that went beyond showcasing skills—it was about representing the future of automotive innovation. Ryan and the Green Truck not only stood in the top echelons, amidst the brightest young minds under 29, but also placed in the Top 3. This accomplishment was both an honor and a thrilling responsibility, as it symbolized a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the extraordinary potential of young, innovative builders and carrying forward the legacy of automotive talent.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Partners

This journey and the success at SEMA were bolstered by the support of our partners: Mickey Thompson Tires, Fittlipalid Wheels, and Quake LED Lights. Their contributions were integral in enhancing Ryan’s vision, each playing a crucial role in the Green Truck’s transformation.

Spotlight on the Main Stage

One of the most exhilarating moments at SEMA was the Green Truck’s feature on the main stage during the introduction of Nick Cannon’s new TV series, “Big Drive.” This spotlight not only highlighted Ryan’s craftsmanship but also connected our story to a broader narrative, intertwining our dispensary’s history with automotive excellence.

Looking back at the SEMA Show, our hearts are full of pride for Ryan’s incredible work. His dedication has not only placed the Green Truck in the limelight but has also inspired a community of automotive enthusiasts and dreamers. We are excited to see where Ryan’s talent and vision will lead us in the future!