Apricot Scone

Strap in, folks, because February in Maine just got a whole lot more exciting with the bad-ass entrant from us at Green Truck: Apricot Scone. This isn’t your grandma’s tea party scone; it’s a full-blown sensory rebellion, crafted by the magicians at Free World Genetics. Imagine the lovechild of Blueberry Limone’s wild zest and Early Orange’s cheeky citrus vibes, all wrapped up in a package that screams ‘Maine sunset but cooler’.

Now, let’s break down this rebel’s family tree. We’ve got Blueberry Limone strutting in with its bold flavors, throwing punches of zest left and right. Then Early Orange slides in, all smooth and suave, with a citrus whisper that’s like a secret handshake. Grown with a blend of attitude and finesse at Green Truck, Apricot Scone is here to shake up your mood and setting with a high that’s as balanced as your favorite mixtape.

Visuals? Oh, it’s a feast for the eyes. This strain flaunts its colors like it’s the main character, with buds that could easily double as art pieces. And the aroma? Get ready for a nose concert featuring headliners apricot, blueberry, and a hint of orange. It’s not just cannabis; it’s a multisensory extravaganza.

Flavor-wise, Apricot Scone doesn’t just hit; it serenades. Each puff is a symphony of summer fruits with an encore of sweet bliss. The high? It’s like your vibe got an upgrade – uplifting, soothing, and perfect for turning the chill up to eleven or getting the party started.

Why snag this masterpiece at a Maine dispensary like Green Truck? Because life’s too short for boring weed. Apricot Scone is where quality meets badassery, wrapped up in a taste sensation that’ll have you coming back for more. Get ready, Maine; February’s about to get lit.