Heart Health

Your heart – your ticker, the core of your cardiovascular system, the epicenter of your love, anguish, courage, and everything in between. 
This month in Abby’s Corner, we’re discussing heart health – what better time to talk about it than cuffing season? 
Abby recommends several remedies and methods to elevate heart wellness. For starters, the importance of taking care of your heart cannot be understated.
“Taking care of your heart is so important. Whether it’s keeping it physically healthy, mending a broken one, or igniting the spark within, there are plenty of simple things you can do daily!”

Looking for quick, easily accessible options to maintain your heart health? Abby suggests:
-Going for a 15-minute walk during the day can not only help with cardiovascular health, but can help stimulate serotonin receptors to help with stress and improve mood.
-Yoga and breathing exercises* can also aid in overall heart health and also have mood-boosting, feel-good effects. 
-Cutting down on salt and processed meat intake (being mindful of your munchies!) can help reduce your risk of heart disease.
*Abby’s Tip: 
For an extra boost, try the box breathing method. 
Imagine yourself breathing in and out in the formation of a box pattern on your stomach. This approach helps to slow down the mind and ease stress, which is great for reducing blood pressure and heart health in general.

Cannabis, specifically CBD, can help reduce the risk factors for heart disease, by helping inflammatory issues, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. 
Strains higher in CBD content, such as our in-house strains Rodman or Ursula, or other strains such as Sour Tsunami or Pennywise, are solid examples. 

Our new house strain, Rodman, is great for mellowing out and relaxing.
If you’re minding your heart health, avoid highly Sativa strains. They can be detrimental to your heart and circulatory system as they stimulate blood pressure and, ultimately, do more harm than good.
*Abby’s Tip:
Patients with heart trouble may also want to be cognizant as to how certain edibles impact them – edibles have been known to cause heart palpitations in certain users, which is not optimal for consumers with pre-existing heart conditions or a history of heart disease.

High THC and CBD Indica strains are most recommended. For example, our in-house strain, Tagalongz, has sedating and relaxing effects that may lower your blood pressure.
Tagalongz has powerful sedating properties and a potent high, for an overall feel-good vibe.

Or maybe you’re burning the midnight oil this February, in which case, try our house strain, Midnight Oil! This cultivar will give you a bright burst of energy that is great for getting active & getting your heart pumping. 

Midnight Oil is a great strain for combatting stress, fatigue, and nausea.

Still looking for supplemental ways to help your heart? Abby recommends consuming the following holistic herbs for optimal benefits:
-Star Anise
-Holy Basil

Looking for more information or guidance? Abby Vigue graduated from the American College of Healthcare Sciences as an Integrative Cannabis Specialist and currently serves as our Patient Care Specialist. Have questions about cannabis or looking for a consultation? Reach out to Abby at

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