From Roots to Relaxation

Anxiety can strike anyone at anytime and having the right tools are necessary to overcome daily obstacles or worse panic attacks! Luckily there are many holistic options to reduce these symptoms to be able to live your daily life to the fullest. Cannabis has a powerful effect in treating anxiety because of how fast it works. Whether an edible or vapor form the potency and easement is felt within seconds. 

Our inhouse strain Banoreoz is an amazing daytime Hybrid for anxiety, stress, or depression. With high terpenes of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene this potent powerhouse will help with mood enhancement while keeping you focused and awake. Myrcene is a great neuroprotective terpene and has been known to help decrease anxiety and stress while Limonene is a great energy booster. Caryophyllene adds the icing to the cake by providing laid back euphoria and decreasing all anxieties. 

Strain Keepers Anti-Anxiety Capsules are a must have product. Made with CBD, THC9, and CBDA. This formula is a very special recipe made from anxiety relieving strains collected from around the world. It is a great alternative to pharmaceutical mental health drugs. Although a bit slower to act, these hand picked strains work wonders.

Chronic Anxiety can have long lasting effects on the body in negative aspects. Behavioral, cardiovascular, digestion, and immune system can all be compromised without any treatment. Our Hash Rosin Gummies are a great daily alternative made with full plant material to provide relief in the most beneficial ways. With all the cannabinoids extracted an overall body relief and quieting of the mind will aid in easement of symptoms. The 10 mg options are perfect dosage for daytime while still being able to function. If looking for a stronger option we also offer the gummies in 50 mg for more experienced smokers, those suffering from panic attacks or PTSD, or evening uses. 

We also offer options to aid in anxiety and stress without psychoactive effects in tincture forms. High amounts of CBD with lower amounts of THC makes for excellent daytime options and in the tincture form, it activates quicker as it goes directly into your bloodstream. Limitless Earth has tons of options, my favorite being the Ginger Dog. This is combined with essential oils like cinnamon, ginger, and lemon with a ratio of 2:1 CBD:THC is ideal for anxiety or pain symptoms with lower psychoactive effect. Our CBD tincture is also an excellent choice for easing anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms throughout the day with no psychoactive effects. Always start with lower doses, you can always take more if needed but high amounts of THC can worsen anxiety!

Other holistic ways to decrease anxiety:

  • Chewing on strongly flavored candies such as Elderberry or Ginger can help momentarily distract the brain and help to reregulate emotions 
  • Scents like Lavender, Bergamot, and Peppermint can help temporarily increase the serotonin levels in your brain to help reduce stress. 
  • Journaling, Meditation, and Yoga are all great forms to help your mind regain the feeling of ease and calm while being able to process emotions and feelings in a safe capacity.