The Giving Tree

Green Truck is laser-focused on growing and processing really great cannabis – however, as parents and residents of the area,  we spend quite a bit of time thinking about others during this time of year as well. 

In our line of work, we are given a unique opportunity to speak with our patients and local community members, day in and day out, about what struggles they may be facing. 

Sadly, many of those living in our community have challenges supporting themselves and their families during the season and are unable to provide gifts for family members and loved ones during the holidays. 

We hate to think of any of our friends and neighbors struggling, especially little ones – so this is where we step in. 

Green Truck will be hosting our second annual Giving Tree this year, wherein we purchase gifts and cover holiday costs for families in the area. Last year, we provided gifts for six children to celebrate six years in the cannabis industry. This year, seven children will be selected as we are rapidly approaching our seventh anniversary as a company. 

Do you know a family who may be struggling with holiday costs this year? Reach out to or via Instagram @greentruck3.0 with more information. We will be accepting nominations for our Giving Tree until December 14, 2022.