Dewar Sherlock Bubbler

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Dewar Sherlock Bubbler


The Dewar Sherlock Bubbler by Beak Glass is a striking piece of functional art, designed with the dual purpose of enhancing the experience for both concentrate aficionados and flower enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted bubbler features a sinuous Sherlock pipe design, a hallmark of classic smoking aesthetics, combined with the modern functionality of a water bubbler.

The body of the bubbler showcases a mesmerizing blend of colors, with swirls and patterns that catch the light and draw the eye. At its heart lies a Dewar’s joint, providing stability and a robust connection to the main chamber. This feature not only reinforces the structure but also adds a distinctive look to the piece.

Included with the bubbler is a matching cap, which allows for versatility in use. When utilized as a rig for concentrates, the cap helps regulate airflow, maximizing the flavor and efficiency of the vapor. Alternatively, when used as a bong for flower, the piece delivers a smooth, filtered smoke thanks to its water filtration system, providing a clean and enjoyable experience.

The Dewar Sherlock Bubbler stands as a testament to Beak Glass’s dedication to quality and innovation. It’s not just a tool for enjoyment but also a collector’s item that speaks to the connoisseur’s preference for elegance and reliability. Whether on display or in use, this bubbler is sure to be a conversation starter and a treasured part of any collection.

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