Abby Vigue

Abby brings to our team an expansive knowledge base in holistic wellness and the health benefits of cannabis. A proud graduate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Abby earned her diploma in Holistic Health Practice, specializing as an Integrative Cannabis Specialist.

But her commitment to learning did not stop there. In December of the previous year, Abby further bolstered her expertise through the Healer Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor Training, securing certifications in “CBD Essentials and Applications” as well as “Cannabis Core Curriculum Dosage Protocols and Methodologies.” These accolades underline her deep understanding and proficiency in advising on cannabis wellness, positioning her as a go-to advisor for patients seeking assistance with various ailments.

Always eager to assist, Abby leverages her education and positivity to be an indispensable member of our team, guiding individuals with a thorough understanding of cannabis as a medicinal tool. When it comes to her personal preferences for medicating, Abby particularly favors cartridges and prerolls.