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I just want to say thank you to the Green Truck team for consistently supplying me with very high quality flowers and extracts at a very fair price. All the strains have been great, but purple punch has been a stand out for me. The smell, the taste, the colors, and most important, the effect it has on my migraines. Thanks again, see you soon.


I enjoy the smiling faces every time I walk into this establishment. They help give you a feeling that nothing is wrong with the medicine that I’m purchasing. The flower is always top of the line. I’ve been to other dispensaries in Southern Maine and Green Truck Farms is the best of the best. Pollen is always pouring off of the flower. It’s great to roll with and that’s just the flower!!! Their topicals/CBD capsules eliminate pain. The edibles are some of the best around. How could you go wrong with a fruity pebbles cereal bar or a nerd rope?! All in all Green Truck is my favorite place to be in York County Maine.

Luis F

Took us far too long to find the quality we were looking for after becoming patients but after finding Green Truck we won’t go anywhere else. We drive an hour now weekly after moving just to keep the same quality and consistency. These boys are awesome and raise the bar for everyone else in the southern Maine area!

Becky H

Best around guys. Been all over seen smoked alot you guys are the frosting on the cake. Killing it.

Jake G

I don’t know if my story counts but here it goes. I was lucky enough to have been able to try a few things that the Mad scientist from Green Truck Farms have. Being fully disabled with Crohn’s and a wife with MS the quality of the products as well as the variations are amazing. You guys have done great as far as edibles go. The first round was a little harsh but you guys came back and were able to make the gummies taste whole lot better as well as the suckers. The quality of the buds, waxes, dabs are strictly amazing. I know y’all take pride in what y’all do and that’s what an individual as myself being fully disabled and a wife that has MS appreciate is the quality produce. Keep up the good work it only gets better from here as far as making things better open up a shop like Willy Wonka’s show where the snozberries taste like snozberries. One Love.

Gary S

You guys are the best I never have any issue hopping in my beater car and driving 2.5 hours north to stop in for 5 minutes! Even the last couple times when I’ve gone looking for slabs and there weren’t any you guys were still able to fill my needs within my budget! And that’s HUGE! Thanks again for being the easiest, most convenient and overall best single source company to work with.

Mark H

Dear Green Truck,
There’s only so many words to display on here before it cuts me short and that’s something Green Truck Extract has never done to me, so with that said I’d like to express the passion and professionalism of their business, obviously expressed with their flower edibles and extracts, that are elite here in Maine. I’m a patient that’s sampled many caregivers/dispensary’s and their service is next to none with their great personalities and their warm welcome every time you come through the door, their professionally fit to extract and have returned nothing but top shelf medicine to me. Not only was it better grade material, the product was phenomenal and medicinal comparison to others. Their entire staff is educated to what you need and expect the best every time for a price that’s unbeatable. The ability to have someone who cares as much as the Green Truck Farms crew does, it’s a nice feeling knowing there always willing to care about you anytime, any day! With your wonderful work you have helped me with over these past 19 months, due to my semi truck accident that ultimately lead to Surgery on my back with the fact I was allergic to Opiates, and all I could do was medicate with cannabis for relief. You guys not only had extras for me, but days where I essentially didn’t have what I needed for medicine and you were willing to go that extra mile and give me the help I needed to relief my medical issues and it’s still working! My life is ultimately better that you guys are there where you are and if you weren’t, well I’m sure I’m not the only patient that would be worse off in life! You guys really are there for me more than most people and family sometimes and that is a true friendship with you all! Thanks again for the time to really speak how I feel and I wrote this all in less then 20 min and freestyled how I felt!


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